Colostro: o ingrediente mágico para os cuidados da pele

Ignae’s concentrated formulas are created using powerful active ingredients, found locally, to deliver maximum results. One of the most effective ingredients found in Ignae’s skincare line is Colostrum.

So, what exactly is Colostrum?

Colostrum is the first food for all mammals, including humans. Not to be confused with breast milk, colostrum is a substance produced by all female mammals for 72 hours following the birth of their offspring. It provides antibodies and growth factors that are essential for optimal growth and development in newborns. In fact, it’s so potent that it’s largely recognized as nature’s most powerful nutrient for enlivening your skin and body cells.

What makes it so effective?

Because it is a naturally produced substance, Colostrum is highly bio-available (i.e.: easily absorbed) to your body and therefore your skin, allowing you to reap the maximum amount of benefits it can offer. Colostrum is a potent ingredient for any kind of skin healing, including hydration, healing of fine lines, sun damage and acne breakouts, and soothing any skin irritations or imbalances. Packed with nutrients, proteins, vitamins and minerals, it’s easy to see how your skin will benefit immensely from this “magic” ingredient.

Colostrum from cows, otherwise known as bovine Colostrum, is said to be more than 200x more powerful than human colostrum. Ignae’s ethically sourced bovine Colostrum is obtained from the pasture-fed dairy cows of the Azores Islands by using only surplus leftovers which is then processed for human use.

Due to the unique location and distinct environment, Azorean cows are exposed to sea winds which cause their systems to develop more antibodies, giving their formulas a powerful boost. The growth factors found in Colostrum are natural, not synthesized, and it heals skin by stimulating cell repair and re-growth. Rich in immunoglobulins, growth-factors and proline-rich peptides, Colostrum has regenerating properties that stimulate collagen production, improving skin thickness and elasticity and visibly smoothing wrinkles.

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