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Departures Magazine X Ignae Enriched Regenerating Serum

Departures Magazine, one of the most influential luxury publications in the World, is featuring Ignae's Enriched Regenerating Serum, as one of the "Skincare Stars", an A-list of new rejuvenating serums to discover in 2018. 

Rich in lactiobionic acid, a polyhydroxy-acid (PHA) known to remove dead skin cells to allow your skin to appear smoother and more even, our Regenerating Serum will also slow down the cosmetic signs of aging, since PHA's  fight glycation and stimulate epidermal growth and repair, making your skin plumper and less wrinkly.

Ignae: Skincare Range from the Azores | Review
Raquel Mendes was so kind as to review our Eye Complex, Night Complex and Day Complex. We loved her in-depth review of our products and the display of knowledge about cosmetic ingredients. If you still don't know her, you have to start following her...
Ignae featured on the July issue of Vogue España
Ignae featured on the July issue of Vogue España, along with other wonderful brands. An emphasis of innovation in cosmetics while honoring portuguese savoir-faire, the richness and uniqueness of endogenous ingredients.
Colostrum: The magical skincare ingredient
Ignae’s concentrated formulas are created using powerful active ingredients, found locally, to deliver maximum results. One of the most effective ingredients found in Ignae’s skincare line is Colostrum milk protein.
Furnas: An ecological wonderland
Ignae is a distinctive emerging brand on the cosmetic science and skincare market. It is composed of unique organic volcanic elements, found only in the Azores islands. Unknown to many across the globe, the Azores are thought to be one of the world’s best kept secrets. The archipelago’s secluded location between two continents helps to preserve the integrity and character of the islands, which are full of rich elements and ingredients. It was deep in the heart of São Miguel’s mystical Furnas Valley that the Ignae brand came to life.