Furnas: An Ecological Wonderland

Ignae is a distinctive emerging brand on the cosmetic science and skincare market. It is composed of unique organic volcanic elements, found only in the Azores islands. Unknown to many across the globe, the Azores are thought to be one of the world’s best kept secrets. The archipelago’s secluded location between two continents helps to preserve the integrity and character of the islands, which are full of rich elements and ingredients. It was deep in the heart of São Miguel’s mystical Furnas Valley that the Ignae brand came to life.

Furnas Valley houses the town of Furnas and its most interesting feature is its hot springs with active volcanic properties. The Furnas Valley volcano has been extinct since its last eruption in 1630 and it is one of three major volcanoes located on the island of São Miguel. Due to its unique location nestled deep in a valley, Furnas benefits from a microclimate where a diverse array of vegetation can flourish because of the volcanic soil characteristics and presence of many water resources. Volcanism is omnipresent in every detail of life in this village. Furnas is home to countless mineral springs and streams, and in fact, is widely known for having one of highest concentration of hydrothermal vents in the world.

Ignae offers the remarkable, exclusive benefits of mineral water taken directly from Furnas Valley. This rich mineral water offers significant advantages that are especially beneficial to the skin. It contains anti-aging properties that work to strengthen the antioxidant potential of the cells, making skin stronger and more flexible. Ignae’s special mineral properties work to maintain hydration, which smooth the skin’s texture and improve elasticity for an overall refined and revived complexion.

Few places can provide the deep sense of wellness and relaxation that Furnas Valley offers. We invite you to discover the world of Ignae, a small island paradise in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, where nature and science come together.

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